Provence Truffle Experiences

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Provence Truffle Experiences

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Truffle Experiences in Provence

Black Diamonds of Provence.
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Region: Provence

Dates: December to March and Summer months

Provence Truffle Experience

When you talk of gourmet discovery, the Truffle has to enter the conversation at some point. Provence produces over 80% of France's truffles which is good news if a truffle hunt is what you are looking for. 

We have roamed Provence looking for the best truffle producers and now have a network in this secret world for you to discover the Black Diamond. 


A typical truffle day would start with the hunt of course. Accompanied by the farmer and his dog you will witness for yourself the magic of discovering truffles whilst learning about the history and techniques of this age old art. After you have found enough, several possibilities are available. We can stay right where we are and enjoy an aperitif followed by a truffle inspired meal or maybe take a selection of the fresh truffles we found on our hunt and with one of the many chefs we work with, enjoy a truffle inspired meal or a private cooking class with our star ingredient dug up fresh that morning of course.

Whatever your choice we can create the perfect truffle hunt and gourmet experience on your next trip to Provence including the hotel accommodation, transfers and transport on site. 

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