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Regine Damiana-Galvez

24 Apr 15 Written by  Published in Humans of Provence Be the first to comment!
Regine Damiana-Galvez

Regine is the Chef's mom, though some call her la Maman chef (the Chief Mom). Her son Fabien Fage is the Michelin starred chef who runs the show in the kitchens of the 5* hotel Le Prieuré in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon. Sensing the motherly pride, I chatted last night with sweet Regine about local folklore and especially that of Arles, their home and where Fabien is very proud to have been born and raised. I asked Regine if, after watching her son's career develop over the years and seeing him awarded a Michelin star 5 years ago, she was still a tough judge of her son's cooking. She started by saying "oh yes of course!" and then after a few seconds, she and her husband agreed "...though it's true, we have less and less to criticize as time goes by." To taste Regine's son's fabulous food (flawless, even according to the chef's mother!), head to this 14 century priory-turned-luxury hotel Le Prieuré.

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