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Caroline Bernard

15 Apr 15 Written by  Published in Humans of Provence Be the first to comment!
Caroline Bernard

Each year the high season for tourists in Aix-en-Provence gets a day or two longer. I walked into the Office of Tourism in Aix a few days ago and can testify to this year's season having definitely started. According to Caroline, the season basically starts early April and now goes through October, sliding even a bit into November. The main reason? Provence's unrivaled climate and over 300 days ofsunshine every year. These assets naturally lure new families to the area as well, and Caroline says they have FIVE new families come into the Office EACH WEEK in search of information on settling down in the area. Caroline's life and work may revolve around Aix-en-Provence, but the minute she retires, she says there's no doubt in her mind, she will head to the more remote and quieter areas of Provence.

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