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13 Apr 15 Written by  Published in Humans of Provence Be the first to comment!

Whether or not to draw a positive portrait of France's farming industry is one of the country's favorite debates. Meanwhile, France is the leading agricultural producer in Europe and 40% of its farmers are under 40 years old (compared with 14% in Europe). Romain is one of these young farmers and like the vast majority of farms in France, his is a family affair. A native son of Aix-en-Provence, Romain's paternel grandmother managed to research 11 generations in their family tree - all farmers - and the furthest address from Aix-en-Provence was in the small town of Jouques, just 30 minutes away. I asked Romain what the easiest and hardest part of being a farmer was... he said the hardest is a schedule defined by Mother Nature and beyond his control... the easiest? "No other job has offices like this one!", laughs Romain. Yes, I agree, the fields and vineyards of Provence make for a nice office with a view.

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