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Manu “Lo Pichotome”

27 Mar 15 Written by  Published in Humans of Provence Be the first to comment!
Manu “Lo Pichotome”

After a career in singing with the polyphonic ensemble "Lo Còr de la Plana", Manu "Lo Pichotòme" (that's "little man" in Provençal) reverted to his original learned trade - baking - and bought and refurbished one of the oldest pizza trucks in Marseille, offering among the most delicious artisanal pizzas in Provence. He shyly didn't admit to this when I snapped this cliché yesterday, but on a previous occasion, I can testify to having seen Manu sing to his pizza. When I asked him at the time, he said that that guaranteed the pizza would be good. That night I brought home a cured ham and mozzarella pizza like I had never eaten before.

Inherited from Southern Italy, pizza trucks are a pure Marseille tradition. This 1974 vintage refitted Peugeot is literally one of the very first pizza trucks to have filled the streets of Marseille with the smell of tomato sauce and mozzarella some 40 years ago. Manu "Lo Pichotome" bought and embellished this beauty a few years ago, pursuing his family's pizza-making legacy. Find out where you can see this artefact of Mediterranean culinary history, every week, at  goo.gl/KqKv8F

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