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Pierre Roche

14 Jan 16 Written by  Published in Humans of Provence Be the first to comment!
Pierre Roche

Pierre has dedicated a large part of his life to inventing games, one of which is "Rushball" - a new racket based sport which he designed "to complete the human being, whose development is not finished at birth." Left brain and right brain come together to reach a level of coordination that most other sports cannot develop. With one racket attached to each hand, every part of the player's body is needed to play this sport. Pierre has invented many games over the years - all of them designed to enhance both mental and physical development. Meanwhile he paid his bills working as a singer in cabarets (he spent 10 years in Paris) and working as a farmer. Pierre was born in the very small town of Caderousse, near Avignon, otherwise known as the "Green Island" due to the fact that it is entirely surrounded by 3 meter high flood walls that were built in the 19th century to protect the town from the frequent flooding of the Rhone River. Raised on a farm, Pierre remembers having to go to school sometimes by boat as a young boy. Today, Pierre hopes to create a professional club for Rushball, to develop the sport in Provence. But in case you haven't tried inventing a new sport anytime recently, I can tell you that it's no easy path to choose. In fact, one of his public challenges - thus far unmet - is to play a game of Rushball with ANY professional athlete of ANY other sport.... He guarantees that he will win the game! (Did I mention that this wonderful person just turned 66?)To kick off the new year with the same joy and hapiness that Pierre expresses continually, here's a man whose life epitomizes the idea that "Life is a game!!" Find out more here:www.rushball.fr

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