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Didier Saba

14 Dec 15 Written by  Published in Humans of Provence Be the first to comment!
Didier Saba

When I think of Biot glass, I think of beautiful bubble glass, and a vase that was given to my parents as a wedding gift 39 years ago. In actual fact, there is more to Biot glass than the classic air bubble technique used by its glassmakers. The Riviera town of Biot is renowned the world over for its glasswork of all styles and techniques. This is the town where Didier was born, and before him, his father, his grandfather, and so on. Didier first put his artistic flair to use via music, working as a DJ and a radio host… but eventually he followed the family legacy and took his rightful seat in front of his father’s furnace. In his free time, Didier is an avid runner and has already run the New York marathon twice. Didier’s glasswork shop and glassblowing workshop is going to be leaving Biot soon though, as he will be opening the very first glassmaking shop and workshop in Antibes, starting next March. Not only will he be the first glassmaker in Antibes, but his workshop is going “all electric” thereby considerably lowering the workshop’s carbon footprint. His workshop will be located in the Galerie Bains Douches right in the heart of the town. The decision to move was not actually triggered by the massive flooding that took place last October causing considerable damage to Didier's shop.. though it's safe to say that he is looking forward to starting a new chapter in Antibes. Good luck, Didier!

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