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Laura Jullien

Laura Jullien

Like jazz, Laura was born in New Orleans. After spending 18 years in Cajun country, she moved to the south of France with her parents and sisters, where she studied before then moving back to the States to work in New York for a few years. Laura’s international escapades include organizing Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, representing wine & spirits brands in the New York City scene, dancing in international festivals throughout the US and Europe and escorting tour groups to magical places around the world. Her favorite cities in the world are New Orleans, Marseilles and Salvador da Bahia – three cities which she sees as being very similar to each other in so many ways. She and her family also have a penchant for the Big Apple… Today, Laura, her Provençal husband and their two bilingual children enjoy life in Provence. Laura joined the Unique Provence team early 2015 managing key accounts and specializing in the design and realization of unique travel itineraries.

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Chef Jerome Blanchet

Chef Jerome Blanchet is a fervent supporter of local producers in his gastronomic kitchens at the 5 star hotel Crillon Le Brave. Originally from the region of Poitou Charente, Jerome came to Crillon after working for years as assistant chef at the Negresko hotel in Nice. At the hotel's spring cocktail today, I got to try his truffle spelt risotto which was what I call culinary perfection.
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Friendly Alix at the iconic André Boyer shop in Sault, producing the region's best nougat since 1887. Sault is lavender field country and this old fashioned bakery and sweet shop is not only a feast for the eyes but for tastebuds as well. In summer time, don't miss their homemade ice cream including flavors like nougat of course as well as the region's best lavender flavored ice cream!

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René Bérard

René Bérard, Michelin starred chef, proudly showing a wonderfully fragrant cinnamon stick that he has carefully stored for a very long time. http://goo.gl/Y5qUJv

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Monsieur Mul

In the 1930s thousands of tons of jasmine were grown in Grasse, but today that number has fallen to around 20 due to cheaper alternatives arriving from overseas. To the “noses” of the perfume world however, the jasmine produced in Grasse is like no other. This is Mr. Mul and his field of jasmine.

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Thierry Yernaux

In the category of foreigners who bring out the best of Provence.... Thierry Yernaux is a Belgian goat cheese maker based in Haute Provence since over 20 years. Thierry received the coveted "Banon d'Or" (the Golden Banon Award) and supplies among the most prestigious tables in France.

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Reine Sammut

Reine Sammut is one of our favorite chefs in Provence. Also one of the only spots in Provence that can do gluten-free cooking classes. And did we mention that Auberge de la Fenière is ever so well situated right next to the charming village of Lourmarin?

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Jeannot & Paquerette

Jeannot & Paquerette (that's "daisy" in English) are said to be the only traditional distillers left in Provence. Proud of their combined 150 years of age, these men have dedicated their lives to maintaining this long-standing local tradition. Their speciality: absinthe. In this picture: from R to L, Paquerette, Philip (Unique Provence), Jeannot and Yves.

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Anne Brun

Fifth generation of the Brun family and descendant of the cherished late 19th century Provençal poet Frederic Mistral, Anne tells the story of her family's olive oil mill with heartwarming enthusiasm. Not only is their family mill a gem in the St Remy countryside, but two of their olive oils just won Gold Medals last week. Check out the Moulin de Calanquet where you'll also find beautifully packaged artisanal delicacies such as olive, lemon and ginger jam - delicious!

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Sweet Severine is originally from Avignon but has landed in the St Tropez area and now works at the new ultra modern St Tropez winery Chateau Saint Maur. Severine explained to us what makes the their wine bottles unique and we tasted their latest rosé, which is exceptional. #chateausaintmaur

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Some of Laetitia's most vivid childhood memories come from the multiple years her family was expatriated in Iraq at a time when the country was at war with Iran. Pink-haired actress and playwright Laetitia is originally from Paris, but she has worked arduously to support youth development programs in Provence, ever since she arrived here several years ago. And New York City does not have a monopoly on struggling artists - Laetitia is a fighter, though an exhausted one she admits, after years of actively building, nurturing and implementing youth development programs in French schools around the country…. Unfortunately, as a generalization, the French educational system tends to be rigid and often times unwilling to accept innovative educational methods such as what Laetitia offers. The programs she creates and implements aim to bring out the best in children through theater and public expression. Currently running the “Festival de la Difference” at the great concert venue and community hang out “Kfé Quoi”, Laetitia is also writing a new children’s play to premiere this summer… Which promises to be great fun, in a yellow brick road sort of way. You can check out her company called www.unbrindethe.com.

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